Read all about the EEEMERGING+ 2022 promotion!

20 ensembles will be part of the EEEMERGING+ programme in 2022!


After receiving 42 applications and hearing 16 ensembles during auditions, the Jury chose to integrate the following ensembles into the EEEMERGING+ programme:


These 5 ensembles are joining the Rising Ensembles supported in their growth and benefiting from trainings and residencies alongside Into The Winds, La Palatine, filoBarocco, La Camerata Chromatica and Butter Quartet, which were already in the programme since 2020.


Cantoría, Cembaless, Palisander and Sarbacanes are now part of the Experienced Ensembles along with Concerto di Margherita, Consone Quartet, El Gran Teatro del Mundo, L’Apothéose, La Vaghezza and Prisma. This category includes professional ensembles that are consolidating their careers through the programme.


20 ensembles will be part of the EEEMERGING+ project in 2022, bringing together 104 musicians and 13 nationalities. They represent the best of European early music young ensembles.


Congrats !