Selection 2020

La Palatine

La Palatine

La Palatine was born in 2017 from the meeting between four musicians in Paris, all of them passionate about early music, especially about 17th century French music. Each of them is playing with renowned early music ensembles : Correspondances (S. Daucé), Les Musiciens du Louvre (M. Minkowski), Matheus (J.C. Spinosi), Elyma (G. Garrido). The four musicians are really fond of discovering some rare repertoire and alternative genres (parodies, pasticcios, drinking and erotic songs…).

In order to revive a 17th and 18th centuries tradition, La Palatine works on editing and rewriting scores: transcriptions, continuo reconstitutions, parts’ writings,… The ensemble won the F.J. Aumann Prize given for new discoveries in baroque music during the International H.I.F. Biber competition (Austria). A reconstitution of a Marin Marais’ basso continuo was the key element of this success.

Moreover, La Palatine enjoys playing concerts in unusual places: the ensemble already played in hospitals, schools, librairies and even at the Comédie-Française (Gillier’s play reconstitution). In 2020, the four musicians will play in gardens, lounges and in a former factory. They always save time for dialogue with the audience at the end of the performance, for the purpose of sharing their knowledge about music.

La Palatine often focuses on transdisciplinarity. For instance they gave this summer a performance about Louise de La Vallière which included history, theater and poetry. The objective of this concert was to put the music in its context and to overcome barriers between the artists and the audience. For its future perfomances, La Palatine also aims at including a graphic art and animation drawing video in collaboration with a visual artist.

The ensemble was selected to join the 2020 EEEMERGING+ programme.

Marie Theoleyre soprano
Noémie Lenhof viola da gamba
Nicolas Wattinne theorbo, baroque guitar
Guillaume Haldenwang harpsichord