Selection 2020

Into the winds

Into the winds

Into the Winds is on a quest for unexplored soundscapes inhabited by the bewitching and intriguing sounds of early wind instruments. Taking their inspiration from the image of the creator-spirit whose breath gave first life at the beginning of time, these young musicians’ breaths revive the colourful and radiant timbres of a picturesque collection of instruments from Middle Ages and the European Renaissance.

Medieval cathedrals awash with the resonance of trumpets; the droning of rustic and unyielding flutes hidden within village courtyards; the brilliant procession of shawms animating public squares; the nonchalant virtuosity of recorders improvising within the chambers of a royal palace…. These are some of the forgotten images and aesthetics that Into the Winds wish to revive. In 2019, Into the Winds won the jury prize at the Oude Muziek Festival Utrecht’s Van Wassenaer International Competition.

The ensemble was selected to join the 2020 EEEMERGING+ programme.

Annabelle Guibeaud shawms & recorders
Marion Le Moal shawms & recorders
Adrien Reboisson shawms & recorders
Rémi Lécorché sackbut, slide trumpet, recorders
Laurent Sauron percussions