La Camerata Chromatica

The rising French ensemble La Camerata Chromatica was formed with a shared mission, the massive diffusion of a little-known repertoire: chromatic music of the 16th and 17th centuries.

The musicians of La Camerata Chromatica work together to make these recently rediscovered masterpieces accessible to a wider audience, with a dynamic, passionate, and innovative approach.
The ensemble explores the multiple sonorities of ancient instruments (voices, recorders, viola da gamba, numeric historical church organ), in several formations: vocal ensemble, solo singer and continuo, instrumental consort, recorder consort, solo organ…

Thanks to this variety of timbres, a long work of research, and their passionate expressiveness, the musicians bring to light the poetic force of their repertoire. They plunge the audience into an unknown universe, both brilliant and mysterious, virtuoso and sensual, passionate and experimental.


  • Gabrielle Varbetian Soprano
  • Nicolas Kuntzelmann Countertenor
  • Victoire Fellonneau Recorder
  • Bérénice Brejon Recorder
  • Pauline Chiama Viola da gamba
  • Benjamin Delale Organ

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