The 2023 Festival in Ambronay

As the month-long celebration of 'Générations Ambronay' ends, let's share our pictures!


Ambronay’s festival, celebrating its 44th year in 2023, explored the blend of past, present, and future melodies. They invited different generations, and we were proud to have our EEEMERGING+ ensembles show what the younger generation can do!


Let’s take you through the program with some of the Festival’s best pictures:


Friday, September 22nd: Cantoría

Cantoría brought its enchanting a cappella vocals to Ambronay.

cantoria ambronay  


Enhanced by three instrumentalists, their performance gave a new life to Mateo Flecha’s timeless creations!

Sunday, September 24th: The Wig Society& ApotropaïK

From a deep dive into the musical roots of Tristan and Iseut by Apotropaïk to the classical charm of bass-less trios by The Wig Society, the evening was full of musical contrasts and harmonies!

Friday, September 29th: The Ministers of Pastime

The nine instrumentalists of The Ministers of Pastime took the stage as a miniature chamber orchestra.



Their performance featured works by Valentini, Bertali, Picforth, and a composition by the talented young artist Mayah Kadish (first violin of La Vaghezza ensemble), commissioned by the CCR Ambronay.

Sunday, October 1st: Prisma

The four musicians of PRISMA transformed the concert hall into a lively London tavern!



Their repertoire included dances from the renowned collections The English Dancing Master and The Division Violin, Scottish and Irish folk tunes, arrangements by Henry Purcell, and more recent traditional melodies like Danny Boy and Scarborough Fair.


Friday, October 6th

In a ‘double concert’, La Camerata Chromatica from France immersed us in the mystical trance of the Greek Sibyls, while the Polish ensemble Cohaere took us through the early compositions of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.

Sunday, October 8: Ensemble La Palatine

At the Festival d’Ambronay, La Palatine has consistently left a lasting impression with each performance, whether in residency or on stage.




This time, the ensemble took us into an intimate and emotive chamber repertoire, creating a delicate setting for the beautiful voice of its soprano, Marie Théoleyre.

With this article, we want to send a big thank you to Cantoría, ApotropaïK, The WIG Society, The Ministers of Pastime, Cohaere Ensemble, La Camerata Chromatica, PRISMA, and La Palatine for their talent and for being part of our programme.
And an even bigger thank you to Ambronay and its wonderful audience!


© All pictures were taken by Bertrand Pichène. 

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