This year, for the first time, you'll be able to not only enjoy one weekend of EEEMERGING+ artists... But three of them!

The Ambronay Festival has always been more than just a celebration of early music; and this year marks a significant milestone for that: as the Cultural Center celebrates 20 years of artistic innovation and commitment.


But do you know how this EEEMERGING+ adventure all started?

In 1993, Ambronay laid the foundation for the first Baroque Academy, a pioneering initiative that later earned recognition as an ambassador for the European Union. Over time, this project evolved into the EEEMERGING program, a testament to Ambronay’s unwavering dedication to nurturing young musical ensembles.

Three decades later, here we are, celebrating this year’s early music Festival ‘Générations Ambronay’.


This year’s goal is to cherish and celebrate the generations of musicians who have graced Ambronay’s stages. 


Throughout the four weeks of festivities, Ambronay will be a meeting ground for artists of different generations:



It will bring together participants and directors of former Academies, including Patricia Petibon, Stéphanie D’Oustrac, Héloïse and Ophélie Gaillard, Vincent Dumestre, Leonardo García Alarcón, William Christie, Paul Agnew, and Ophélie Gaillard.


And it will also feature our EEEMERGING+ ensembles!

We are excited for Cantoría, ApotropaïK, The WIG Society, The Ministers of Pastime, Cohaere Ensemble, La Camerata Chromatica, PRISMA, and La Palatine to show what the young generation can bring to early music.


Join us at the Ambronay Festival, where music transcends generations!