The Innovation Labs inspired some new projects!

Through sharing knowledge and artistical experimentation during these Innovation Labs, we wanted to reenforce the social bounding through music... What did the ensembles learn from it?


During this last meeting, the rising ensembles, inspired by the Innovation Labs, were invited to share their ideas in order to interact in new ways with their audience.


Our Innovation Labs meetings allowed us to have an open space for reflection and collective development of ideas. By inviting professionals with unique approaches to music as well as audiences, the musicians were able to get some great inspiration!


A quick recap of what we talked about?

  • During #IL1, Guillaume Descottes, as the CEO of Europe’s leading streaming platform in classical and jazz music (Vialma) shared some thoughts about the digitalization of musical practices.
  • During #IL2, Tamar Brüggemann, the managing and artistic director of Wonderfeel festival, and Séverine Garnier, the director and editor in chief of Classique mais pas has been, talked about the audience of classical music and how it is evolving nowadays.
  • During our #IL3, Claire Oppert shared her professional experience as a music therapist, and inspired the musicians to not only to make music but also how to develop activities within the community.
  • Finally, for #IL4, the critic, broadcaster and programme director Simon Mundy gave some great advices to the musicians for their relation with the press.

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What did the ensembles get from these Innovation Labs?

New ideas for new projects!


By widening their perspective on music and audiences, the ensembles got to imagine new forms of relationship with the audience. Most of them wanted to work on more interactive forms of concerts in order to connect with their audience in a warmer and more authentic way, and reenforce social bounding through music.


A brand new programme, a mini series, a new graphical identity, a programme for younger audiences, more time dedicated to social media in order to create a meaningful bound with the audience… What came out of these talks is very diverse, and all of the EEEMERGING+ partners are now ready to help the ensembles implement their ideas!


From technical help for recording to residencies at one of our 9 partners’ institutions (see where they are on this map!), the ensembles got to share with us what they needed in order to make their idea a reality!


Stay tuned for more information to come! 

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