Some Exciting New Releases!

Early music enthusiasts will be thrilled to hear today's news: several of our talented EEEMERGING+ ensembles have just released brand new CDs!


With these albums, EEEMERGING+ artists offer a fresh take on early music compositions and showcase the virtuosity and passion that they bring to each performance.


Get to know early music’s young talents: we will share some links to listen some snippets of each of the CDs listed below. You will also get some exclusive information on upcoming releases!


The most recent releases



Who is better qualified to convince you to listen to ‘Ensaladas‘ than Cantoría’s music director, Jorge Losana? Read what he has to say about the ensemble’s very first CD by reading below. 


Go listen to it on Spotify!

“The ensaladas attracted us with their colours, their rhythms and their flexibility: they are full of life and magic. After five years singing this repertoire together, we have recorded this CD, a project that has matured in every rehearsal and every concert, with which we hope to transmit all the care and affection we have put into it: it will remain as evidence and memory of what we have enjoyed (and will enjoy) together thanks to this music.


Have you already listened to Mr. Händel Im Pub by I Zefirelli? With this recording, the ensemble takes you to London around 1700, where baroque meets folk!

Funky tunes from the pub down the street meet the greats like Handel or Purcell. Maybe this is not even such a contrast after all…

Here is an album that got under the Initiale label: Sarbacanes‘ “Ouvertures pour la chasse”.

A wonderful CD that offers listeners the opportunity to discover how ‘natural’ horns sounded at the end of the Baroque era, through authentic hunting calls as well as Telemann Openings, inspired by outdoor music.

Click here to listen to the album!


The upcoming releases… Exclusive information!


Some very exclusive news… The ensemble Into the Winds will release its very first CD on the Ricercar label in May 2023! It will be dedicated to the first dancing music in history: a repertoire particularly well-suited to their original instruments (ancient oboes and brass, medieval and Renaissance recorders, percussion, etc.).

Click here for a snippet!


Butter Quartet just recorded their first CD in September, which will be released in 2023! They do not have a label attached to it yet, but we do know the album will be called “Scintilla”!

It features some of the earliest string quartets written in Italy, with works by Luigi Boccherini, Gaetano Pugnani, Maddelena Lombardini Sirmen, and Felice Giardini.

Consone Quartet has signed with Linn Records for a complete Felix Mendelssohn string quartet cycle.

Their first recording with the label features the E flat major quartet ‘1823’ and Op. 44 No. 3. It will be officially released on 24th March this year!



Last but not least, PRISMA has a CD planned with their new label Fuga libera.

‘Streets of London’ will feature the guest artist Murat Coskun and will be released in April 23!


We hope you enjoyed listening to our artists’ new albums, and are as excited as us for the upcoming releases!

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