2020 eeemerging+ ensembles will be supported until 2021

2020 eeemerging+ ensembles will be supported until 2021


10 ensembles were selected in 2019 to join the EEEMERGING+ programme from 1 January 2020 for a minimum of one year. A schedule had been drawn up to allow all these ensembles to be supported in their structuring by the 9 European partners of the project, through the organisation of residencies and concerts. As the EEEMERGING+ project is designed to promote the international mobility of the artists it supports and to offer them time and space to rehearse, the health crisis we are going through has already seriously damaged the smooth running of the year 2020 as it was initially envisaged. We have been forced to cancel or postpone no less than 15 events in Europe. These cancellations have a significant impact on the coherence of the programme and above all on the commitment of all partners to the selected ensembles.
It is essential to maintain the quality of our accompaniment and to deliver on our commitments in terms of training and promotion of these artists as much as possible. Moreover, this unprecedented situation shows us how crucial it is to continue to support the artists to whom we have made a long-term commitment.

This is why the 10 EEEMERGING+ 2020 ensembles will all remain in the career development programme in 2021. This decision implies that the partners will not recruit new ensembles for the year 2021.

While waiting to be able to welcome the ensembles into their venues, the partners are providing online training. More info on that topic here.

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