EEEMERGING+, always more training and support

We are strengthening our ties with the EEEMERGING+ ensembles through an innovative distance learning program!

As the ensembles can no longer travel and the structures can no longer accommodate artists in residence, no more training seemed to be possible. But that was without counting on the motivation and resources of the EEEMERGING+ cooperation! In the space of a month and a half, the 9 project partners met once a week by videoconference to create a training cycle for all the ensembles in the programme. The first training took place on Tuesday 28 April. No less than 32 trainings will be given until July 17th!

Some trainings such as “ensemble management”, “administration” or “social networks” bring together all the ensembles at the same time. Others are specific to each one. This is the case for questions of development and artistic identity, good practices around health and also all the musical work that defines each ensemble. Other training courses will continue until 2021 to allow for reflection and the implementation of projects on audience development.

The 15 trainers are highly motivated. Among them, mainly professionals working within the partner structures but also external contributors. The fact that they have succeeded in building up this distance training programme is proof of the unfailing investment of all those involved in this major European cooperation project, EEEMERGING+. It is also an opportunity to refine and enrich the links between partners and ensembles but also between all the artists.