Our current programme will end soon… Help us shape our future!

Our current programme will end soon... Do you need support?


Our current Creative Europe funding programme will end in November 2023 and we are not, at this time, opening up a new call for ensembles to take part in EEEMERGING+.


The group of partners is however interested in maintaining a channel for discussion with emerging ensembles in the field of early music across Europe.


EEEMERGING+ as a group of music institution and ensembles, is a rich source of experience and knowledge on career development and more generally on the professional challenges for young artists.


If your ensemble is interested, you are invited to send an email to contact@eeemerging.eu containing a few lines about who you are and why you need support.


These messages will help shape future developments of the programme and we will keep you informed when a new call is published.

We hope to continue to support emerging ensembles in the field of early music in the future, and we remain committed to providing opportunities for networking, career development, and collaboration.


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