32 amateur singers have the chance to perform with Cantoría!

This pedagogical project called 'Avis aux amateurs' allows amateur singers to discover a new repertoire and sing with professionals, before giving a real concert.


The EEEMERGING+ ensemble Cantoría will be singing the spanish renaissance with a choir of 32 amateur singers in Ambronay. At the end of their rehearsals, a concert will take place in Ambronay: it will be the last concert of their yearly Festival!



Under the direction of Pierre-Louis Rétat and Jorge Losana, respectively the artistic directors of the ensembles Chiome d’Oro and Cantoría, Ambronay offers to 32 amateur singers the chance to discover the polyphonic music of the spanish renaissance with professionals. 


The choir will be joining the four singers from the ensemble Cantoría, and work together with them in order to sing during the very last concert of the Ambronay Festival on October 3rd at 5 pm: ‘More Hispano’.


From August 24th to 27th, they will to get to know each other, work on their diction, posture, and some important knowledge about the polyphonic spanish renaissance. They will come back during two weekends in September and October for the last trainings before the concert.


If you are around Ambronay on October 3rd, click here to get your ticket and discover their work!

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