Selection 2017

La Vaghezza

La Vaghezza

La Vaghezza is an ensemble specializing in the historically informed performance of music from the 17th and 18th centuries. The ensemble was born during the Ambronay European Baroque Academy 2015 under the auspices of Enrico Onofri. It was immediately evident that they shared a common sensibility and musical conception, which they decided to pursue together. La Vaghezza began as a string trio, meeting monthly to rehearse and perform despite living in three different countries. In January 2016, circumstances allowed them to expand to the current group of five. The group is divided between the UK, Italy and France, and meet as regularly as their busy schedules allow. In July 2016, the group performed throughout Lazio, Italy, during a self-organized and promoted tour. During this time, the group also participated in the ‘Maurizio Pratola International Competition’ in l’Aquila, Italy where they were awarded first prize. In August 2016, they performed at the MA Festival Fringe in Brugge, Belgium, as well as at Oude Muziek Fringe in Utrecht.

In autumn 2016, the group was selected for EEEmerging, which this year, will lead to residencies at Ghislieri Musica (Italy) from 8 to 18 May and to Ambronay Cultural Encounter Centre (France) from 14 to 23 June. The ensemble will also take part in the eeemerging Festival during the Ambronay Festival in October 2017.

This year, the group will again be performing throughout Italy, including at celebrations of the 400th anniversary of the Protestant reformation at the Chiesa Valdese of Palermo, as well as the Biennale Archipelago Mediterraneo, followed by several performances at the Harmonia Novissima festival in l’Aquila and Gaudete! Festival in the province of Turin, as well as Pavia Barocca and Cremona Festival Monteverdi…

Victoria Melik Violin
Mayah Kadish Violin
Anastasia Baraviera Cello
Gianluca Geremia Lute
Marco Crosetto Harpsichord