Caladrius, Cembaless, filoBarocco, Into the winds, La Camerata Chromatica, La Palatine and Sarbacanes. The Butter Quartet, who won the EEE prize during York International Young Artist Competition will also be part of the programme.

These 8 ensembles are joining Cantoría and Palisander, which were already in the programme since 2018 and 2019.

6 former EEEMERGING ensembles will still be supported by the programme in 2020 :

Concerto di Margherita, Consone Quartet, El gran teatro del mundo, l’Apothéose, La Vaghezza and PRISMA.

PRISMA and La Vaghezza have been chosen to release a CD within the eeemerging collection of Ambronay Editions label in 2020.