Welcome to Sustainable EEEMERGING!

The "EEEmerging" (Emerging European Ensembles) program grew to become "EEEmerging+" and is now "Sustainable-EEEMERGING" (S-EEE), continuing to unite its projects & partners across Europe, to sustain Early Music Ensembles.


Music, Arts, Culture can and must be “Sustainable”


They are what we were given, and what we will give to future generations. So they must be sustainable, to remain, grow and spread. And they can show the way to sustainability: showing everyone in every field how to make things sustainable, how they can exist, grow, and remain (using renewable resources, giving new resources to today’s artists and artistic places, and for future generations).


Music, Arts, Culture are renewable energies: the more they are given away and shared, the more there is left, and more, and the more there remains for everyone.


But to do so, music production, interpretation, mediation must create sustainable processes. This is what “Sustainable-EEEmerging” brings, builds, encourages, develops.


This European Project is “Sustainable” in all of the meanings of this term/concept, from all sides, from starts to finishes (which are new beginnings).


Sustainable Projects are first and foremost projects that can actually arise and develop, so Sustainable-EEEmerging encourages new projects to be created, and nourishes their development by helping ensembles acquire and develop skills, build and strengthen relationships (with other artists, repertoires, audiences, places and institutions).


  • Sustainable Projects can thus travel, making each project more sustainable but also creating new links with other projects (making them also arise and be more sustainable).


  • “Sustainable-EEEmerging” operates for artists and for venues, helping each one by encouraging their projects, with programs, artistic laboratories, academies, residencies, roadmaps, communities building (across Europe with artists’ mobility and their online reach to exchange with other artists and new audiences).


  • “Sustainable-EEEmerging” builds new relationships between every music “player” : between artists, places, and communities (each one with each one, each one with each others). Their relationships will be better because, better informed, they will be more sustainable (each and everyone will have each and everyone’s sustainability as a goal, a common ground, a universal language).


Sustainability allies local and global: to be sustainable, an artistic project must have its roots in a place, tradition, aesthetic and time period, but to remain and be fully lively it must also communicate and spread. And vice-versa: to travel, an artistic project must have a place of departure, somewhere to bring with it.


Acting for every actor involved, “Sustainable-EEEmerging” acts on all levels of Sustainability: economical, ecological, ethical,… Sustainable projects for sustainable careers must preserve the life of the environment, the vitality of cultures and places, as well as those of the artists: with projects viable, for the living of the artists (their finances and their well-being).


“Sustainable-EEEmerging” advocates and acts, thus, for renewing the cultural eco-system, especially for Ealy Music. Building anew something that can last in the cultural world is akin to the act of re-interpreting ancient music: giving it the vitality it always had, so that it can keep on giving it.


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