PRISMA’s latest CD “Il transilvano” is out!

The new record of PRISMA, "Il transilvano", is now available on Ambronay Editions.


Two years after releasing “The seasons”, PRISMA is back with “Il transilvano”, published on the Ambronay Editions label.

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PRISMA, as part of the EEEMERGING+ programme since 2016, recorded a second album for the Ambronay Editions label. With works from the famous Codex Caioni, this second recording by the PRISMA ensemble enhances the remarkable richness of cultural and musical exchanges between Italy and Hungary.


The Codex Caioni, a Hungarian collection of 17th century music, was lost until 1988 and contains popular Romanian and Hungarian music, in addition to Italian and German works. In fact, the union of Italy and Hungary begins in the 15th century when King Hunyadi Mátyás marries the Italian Princess Beatrix of Aragon. Since then, Hungarian influences can be found again and again in Italy.


The four musicians from the ensemble were drawn by with this rich cultural exchange, that they got to experience in a very concrete way when travelling. In fact, they explained that they always meet traditional musicians who give them pieces of their repertoire to take home!


Discover an extract from the album, Sarabanda Generi:


Il transilvano is available since the 13th of November in stores, on streaming platforms, as well as online order.

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Franciska Hajdu – Violine

Elisabeth Champollion – Blockflöte
Dávid Budai – Viola da gamba
Alon Sariel – Laute
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