All about El Gran Teatro del Mundo’s UK Tour

El Gran Teatro del Mundo recently completed their longest tour yet, and it all happened in the UK! Let's talk about this sustainable and enriching experience.


In November 2022, El Gran Teatro del Mundo completed their first Tour in the UK. The artists shared their experience with us, and it seems like an excellent example of how sustainable touring can benefit musicians, audiences, and the environment. Let’s talk about their experience, touring in the UK!


A better connection to the audience

The tour was their longest yet: they were able to perform in six concerts with the same program while still offering new elements and adapting to the audience’s reactions.





Because without being caught up in a busy schedule of jumping in and out of planes, they were able to stay after the concerts to discuss and exchange ideas with the audience!


Immersion in the local culture

It seems like the ensemble does not only highlight the importance of taking the time to connect with the audience, but also the importance to immerse oneself in the culture of the places being visited.

By visiting local landmarks, strolling through the cities, and engaging with the audience, the musicians were able to immerse themselves in the culture and connect with their audience better.


They even had dinner with some friends from our partner National Centre for Early Music (NCEM) in York, where they were able to gain valuable feedback on their performance!


No stress, better music

By having a sustainable tour, the musicians were not only able to reduce their carbon footprint: they also reduced their stress levels and enjoyed a better quality of life!


Traveling by train allowed them to avoid the stress and chaos that often comes with traveling by plane and waiting at the airport.

… More sustainable tours in the future?

The ensemble’s experience demonstrates that sustainable tours are not only possible but also enjoyable and beneficial for all involved. It can improve the quality of music, strengthen the connection with the audience, and enhance the quality of life for the musicians! 

It’s an approach that we hope to see more of in the future, as it offers a more sustainable and enjoyable way of touring.


We hope to see more tours like this in the future! A big thank you to the National Centre for Early Music, El Gran Teatro del Mundo, and their manager Regina for making this possible!