Let’s discover 2017 eeemerging ensembles!

12 emerging ensembles will be part of the eeemerging programme in 2017.

Among these 12 ensembles, 6 had been selected last year after taking part in an audition : La Vaghezza, 4 times baroque, Continu-um, Castello Consort, Il Quadro Animato and Concerto di Margherita.
These 6 ensembles will each benefit from 2 residencies hosted by the 7 partners (Ambronay Cultural Encounter Centre — Ambronay, France, Music Centre of the National University of Music – Bucharest, Romania, Göttingen International Handel Festival — Göttingen, Germany, Ars Ramovš — Ljubljana, Slovenia, Ghislierimusica — Pavia, Italy, Riga Early Music Centre — Riga, Lithuania, National Centre for Early Music (NCEM) — York, England), as well as 2 concerts, trainings in outreach, organisation, marketing, nutrition, artistic coaching and photo shootings. The ensembles have the opportunity to work together on their main artistic project and perform concerts. The end of their first support year is closed by the eeemerging Festival, which is held during Ambronay Festival in October.

During the 2016 eeemerging Festival in Ambronay on October 8th and 9th, the partners listened to the 6 ensembles selected in 2016 and voted for 4 of them which are Nexus Baroque, The Goldfinch Ensemble, PRISMA and Consone Quartet. That means these ensembles will benefit from a second year of support.

Sollazzo Ensemble and Repicco (first selected in 2015) will benefit from a 3rd year of support, including residencies, concerts and the recording of a CD in the Young Ensemble Collection of Ambronay Editions.