I Discordanti at the Eeemerging Festival 2016

I Discordanti just left Ambronay today, after having a great experience performing in the EEEmerging Festival 2016.
During the time they spent there, they had the opportunity of meeting new people and spend lots of time together. It was such a fantastic and positive experience for the ensemble. All of this has made them more solid, both musically and humanly.
Until now they had the opportunity of doing residences in Pavia and Vézelay, as well as taking part of this step to Ambronay. All these experiences together have helped them to develop as a group in order to perform the music all of them love and always keep improving.
The coaching they had as well as a lot of support from all the staff of EEEmerging together with the contact with the other fellow ensembles made them go a step foreward on the Early Music professional environment and the several ways they have to deliver the performance to the public.

In their own words: “We are extremely motivated to keep on developing our identity and professionalism as a musical ensemble. We are very much looking forward to our residency in Göttingen. Thank you very much for supporting young ensembles!”.