eeemerging recordings

After three years of support, the best ensembles have the opportunity to make their first professional recording within the Collection Jeunes Ensembles of Ambronay Editions, created in 2010.

Seconda Prat!ca, eeemerging ensemble 2014, recording their CD             Seconda Pratica, eeemerging ensemble 2014, recording their CD in April 2016

Each CD of the Collection Jeunes Ensembles is a moment of discovery: discovery of a repertoire, discovery of a sound, of an atmosphere, of youthful talents brimming with aspirations. Each CD is a wager, a confrontation between dreams and realism, between the requirements of technical excellence specific to recorded performance and the endurance demanded by recording sessions. It is up to you, dear listeners, after hearing and appreciating them, to choose to support them, follow their development, and come to hear them in concert!