eeemerging programme will be renewed until 2023

Ambronay Cultural Encounter Centre and its 8 partners are pleased to announce the renewal of the EEEMERGING (Emerging European Ensembles) programme, now becoming EEEMERGING+.

That application was selected among a large number of European applications.
EEEMERGING+ is an innovative European programme for the professional insertion of Early Music young musicians, encouraging the international circulation and promotion of these European artists, and also raise awareness of one of the most beautiful chapters of our European musical heritage.

Supported by the Creative Europe programme, this innovative project is dedicated to Early Music young ensembles and will run from September 2019 to February 2023.
It is the result of a 9 European managing partners collaboration: the Ambronay Cultural Encounter Centre (France) as leader of the project, the Athens Conservatoire (Greece), the National Forum of Music – Wrocław (Poland), the Torroella Festival of Montgrí (Spain), the Internationale Händel-Festspiele Göttingen (Germany), the Fundazione Ghislieri – Pavia (Italy), the Festival Kvarner – Opatija (Croatia), the Riga Early Music Centre (Latvia), the National Centre for Early Music – York (United Kingdom).
Previously, from 2014 to 2018, the eeemerging programme empowered 32 ensembles and accompanied 371 artists from 25 nationalities. 4 objectives were defined: to identify, select, promote and train the most promising emerging ensembles.

EEEMERGING+ new objectives
Following the 2014-2018 eeemerging programme, EEEMERGING+ aims to 3 main objectives:
– to empower and develop international career of the young ensembles with residencies and concerts, trainings and promoting actions,
– to foster, in the artists and sector operators, the drive towards innovation, especially by experimenting the use of new technologies to facilitate international cooperation (Techs Labs), by proposing and testing innovative solutions for audience development (Audience Labs) and by conceiving and trying out new forms of performance (Performance Labs)
– to nurture and encourage the expansion of the community of artists (professionals and amateurs), partners and other professional actors (operators, media, cultural operators…), as well as accustomed and potential audiences.

Key facts
Between 2019 and 2023, EEEMERGING+ will provide :
– 78 artists residencies (24 each year)
– 4 competitions (3 editions in Göttingen and 1 in York)
– 4 EEEMERGING+ Festivals (in Ambronay)
– 2 EEEMERGING+ & Academies (2020 and 2022, in Ambronay and Pavia, followed by a European tour)
– About 180 concerts