Concerto di Margherita’s Unforgettable Tour in the Caribbean

The ensemble embarked on a unique tour through the Caribbean last summer. Discover how the young ensemble brought early music to new audiences in Colombia, proving that music has no borders!


Music has the power to connect people from all over the world, transcending linguistic and cultural barriers. The artists of Concerto di Margherita had the opportunity to experience this power firsthand on a unique tour through the Caribbean!


Let’s talk about their journey.



This unique experience proved that music truly has no borders and can bring people together in the most unexpected ways.

Performing in front of audiences who had no prior knowledge of Italian Renaissance music and early instruments was a humbling and enlightening experience for the artists. They were able to connect with the audience in a way that went beyond cultural and linguistic barriers.



In fact, during a concert in Valledupar, a group of children sang a polyphonic piece for them.

A very special moment for the artists, that they describe as ‘full of beauty and freedom‘.

The ensemble also had the opportunity to witness the Colombian public’s love for music and the arts. During one concert, the audience even prepared a ballet performance with Tchaikovsky’s music, and before another concert, they performed Louis Armstrong covers.


These experiences showed how universal music is and how it can be appreciated by people of all backgrounds!


One may ask, why travel so far to perform? The answer is simple for the artists of Concerto di Margherita: the goal of an artist is to connect with people and share their passion for music. By traveling to a country like Colombia, the ensemble was able to reach audiences who may not have had the opportunity to hear early music before, and connect in ways they could have never imagined.


So, where would you like to go and share your music? What new audiences could you reach and connect with? The possibilities are endless, and the Concerto di Margherita’s journey serves as a reminder that the power of music knows no bounds!

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