Big eeemerging meeting in Brussels on april, 25 !

eeemerging programme 2014-2018 = 25 ensembles supported, 84 residencies, 170 concerts throughout Europe.

The eeemerging program (Emerging European Ensembles) has been on for 3 years with great success. A meeting gathering professionals (managing partners, festivals and conservatoires directors, musical programmers, medias) and musicians from all over Europe will be organized on the 25th of April 2018 in the afternoon in BOZAR, Brussels. It will enable the meeting with 4 ensembles highly representative of the program : Seconda Prat!ca, Repicco, Sollazzo Ensemble and PRISMA. It will offer the opportunity to focus on evaluation of the eeemerging program and to present a new European large scale cooperation project designed to support emerging European ensembles and develop their audience through innovative audience development labs.