Auditions for the 2018 eeemerging programme

The auditions for the 2018 eeemerging programme will take place on the 4th, 5th and 6th of September in Utrecht (Netherlands), Lyon (France) and Vienna (Austria). The 8 eeemerging co-organizers will select 4 ensembles among 12 that will join the 2018 eeemerging programme for their first year of support. Two have already been selected to join the 2018 eeemerging program: L’Apothéose who won the Göttingen Händel Competition and Rumorum who won the eeemerging prize during the York Early Music Competition.

In the framework of this programme, these 6 ensembles will benefit from trainings on promotion, communication and administration and will be offered concerts and residencies.
The selected ensembles have to play two extracts from their repertoire and answer the questions of the jury composed of 8 partners coming from the United Kingdom, Latvia, Germany, Slovenia, Romania, Spain, Italy and France.