Selection 2014

Seconda Pratica

Seconda Pratica

Founded in 2012 by international musician,s gathered in The Netherlands for their studies, Seconda Prat!ca has become one of the leading ensembles of the new generation of early music performers.

The ensemble’s main goal is to bridge the gaps between performers and audience, revitalizing western musical heritage by bringing it back to a shared living experience. We achieve this through a continuous mixing of media, performance, research and musical excellence.

Seconda Pratica has been part of the eeemerging programme from 2014 to 2016 ; that leads them to release on October 2016 a CD untitled Nova Europa for Ambronay Éditions.

The ensemble has performed in some of the top European festivals such as the Festival d’Ambronay (France), Göttingen Handel Festspiel (Germany), Stockholm Early Music (Sweden), Utrecht Oude Muziek (The Netherlands), Festival Reencontros (Portugal). Seconda has been feaured in various news-editions (Voolskrant and Público), radio-broadcasters (Radio France, Antena2 and Opium 4) as well as television (CultureBox, RTP2 and RTVNH).

Since 2016 they have become the official organizers of the Amsterdam Early Music Days and are currently the resident ensemble of the Splendor concert hall in Amsterdam.

Nuno Atalaia
Jonatan Alvarado Tenor & Baroque guitar
Sofia Pedro Soprano
Sophia Patsi Mezzo-soprano
Emilio Aguilar Tenor
João Paixão Baritone
Asuka Sumi Violin
Julie Stalder Viola da Gamba & Double-bass
Fernando Aguado Harpsichord