Selection 2018



Rumorum met and formed in 2015 whilst studying medieval performance at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in Switzerland. They were soon after selected for the Laus Polyphoniae International Young Artists Presentation 2015 (that year dubbed the International Petrus Alamire Lab), and were subsequently taken to perform – from memory – at AlbaNova Festival, Bruges Fringe Festival, and Utrecht (Fab) Fringe Festival in one season. In the same year, Rumorum were finalists in the prestigious St John’s Smith Square Young Artists competition, and this year, they were finalists in the York Early Music International Young Artists Competition (July 2017), where they were awarded both the Eeemerging prize and the Friends prizes.

Alongside the Eeemerging scheme, Rumorum is currently one of five young ensembles selected for the Brighton Early Music Festival Live! 2017 ​scheme in the UK. Following their showcase performance at the Festival in November 2017, they have been invited as a professional ensemble to Brighton Early Music Festival in the 2018 season.

Other notable concert and festival requests have included a WDR3 radio concert for the Tage Alter Musik in Herne 2016, the Rencontres Internationales de Musique Médiévale du Thoronet 2017, the York International Early Music Festival 2018, and a concert tour for the Organisatie Oude Musiek in Utrecht, 2018. Rumorum’s performances have so far taken them to France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, and Switzerland.

Rumorum’s goal – and speciality – is bringing the medieval practices of memorisation, improvisation, and composition to the modern concert stage in an honest, fresh and historically sympathetic way. Each member has enjoyed higher-education training in medieval music theory, notation, improvisation, and performance practices, and the singers have had the luxury of studying ancient languages and their supposed pronunciations. One of the results of this training is that alongside well-known and loved medieval repertoires, the ensemble is able to bring historically-informed new compositions and improvisations to their concert programmes. This is not only a highly appropriate practice for medieval performance, but also brings never-before-heard repertoire and an individual sound to the current Early Music concert market. Historically stylistic composition and improvisation are sources of music that will always entertain, and will never run dry.

Members of Rumorum are hired independently by renowned medieval ensembles, including but not limited to: Sequentia; Ensemble Leones; La Morra; The Boston Camerata; Peregrina; Ensemble Gilles Binchois; Canto Coronato; Perlaro; Le Miroir de Musique.

The ensemble entered the European EEEmerging programme in 2018 and has been selected for a second year of residencies in 2019.

Grace Newcombe voice, harps, musical direction
Jacob Mariani gittern, lute, fiddle
Félix Verry fiddle, rebec
Mara Winter flutes
Ozan Karagöz voice