Selection 2016

Nexus Baroque

Nexus Baroque

The ensemble Nexus Baroque was founded in 2012 by the flautists Yeuntae Jung and Julias Andres. The four members are particularly interested in 18th-century music, which they perform in a creative and unconventional way.

Nexus Baroque was invited to participate in the eeemerging project after winning the eeemerging award at the York Early Music Festival in July 2015.

Within the eeemerging programme, Nexus Baroque will take part in the eeemerging Festival during the Ambronay Festival (France) on 8 October 2016. And the ensemble was in residence at the Ambronay Cultural Encounter Centre (France) from 13 to 22 May and will be in residence from 16 to 26 November 2016 at the National University of Music in Bucharest (Romania).

Julia Andres & Yeuntae Jung Flutes
Hyngun Cho Cello
Amandine Affagard Lute
Jean-Christophe Dijoux Organ & harpsichord