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Le voci delle grazie

Le voci delle grazie

Le Voci delle Grazie is a young vocal chamber ensemble made up of singers Bethany Shepherd, Ilze Grēvele, and Laura Lopes, and a continuo group consisting of Mariano Boglioli, Garance Boizot, Kit Spencer, and Talitha Witmer. They perform across Europe in festivals such as the Grandezze e Meraviglie Festival Musicale Estense (Italy), Vivat Curlandia Festival (Latvia), Festival van Vlaanderen (Belgium), Sons Antigos a Sul (Portugal), as well as the Fringe Festivals of the MAFestival Brugge (Belgium) and the Utrecht Early Music Festival (Netherlands).

Le Voci delle Grazie was founded in 2015 as a way for Laura Lopes and Bethany Shepherd to recreate the lost art of musica secreta, a performance practice of intense musical expression in the courts of Italy. For almost fifty years in the latter part of the 16th Century, the court of Ferrara was frequented by some of Europe’s finest composers who dedicated their compositions to the first professional female vocal chamber ensemble: Il Concerto delle Dame. The specific combination of three female voices with harp, theorbo, harpsichord and viola da gamba reappeared at the Barberini court in Rome in the middle of the 17th Century, inspiring a new generation of composers and leaving behind a rich and powerful musical legacy.

Inspired by the music of these two courts and with the original instrumentation of a trio of female voices plus harp, lute, viola da gamba and harpsichord, Le Voci delle Grazie performs female virtuosic music written throughout the 16th and 17th centuries.

Bethany Shepherd soprano
Ilze Grēvele  soprano
Laura Lopes  mezzo-soprano
Mariano Boglioli harpsichord/organ
Garance Boizot  viola da gamba
Kit Spencer  triple harp
Talitha Witmer  theorbo/lute