Selection 2016

I Discordanti

I Discordanti

Founded in Basel in June 2014, the I Discordanti ensemble predominantly focuses on Italian music of the 17th century.

I Discordanti is made up of musicians from Spain, France, Portugal and Argentina, who are currently studying at the Schola Cantorum in Basel.   The ensemble is one of the four ensembles that won the competition for the Vier Jahreszeiten 2014-2015, a cycle of concerts organized by Pedro Memelsdorff on behalf of the SCB. I Discordanti performed for this cycle representing the institution in May 2015 in Schloss Waldegg, located in Solothurn, Switzerland. The ensemble will take part in the eeemerging Festival during the Ambronay Festival on 8 October 2016.

Within the eeemerging programme, I Discordanti was in residence at Ghislierimusica (Pavia, Italy) from 1 to 9 February and will be in residency from 1 to 7 August at the Cité de la Voix in Vézelay (France).

Eva María Soler Boix Soprano
Florencia Menconi Mezzo-soprano
Breno Quinderé Baritone
Ricardo Leitão Pedro Theorbo
Marina Cabello del Castillo Viola da gamba
Inés Moreno Uncilla Harpsichord