Selection 2016

The Curious Bards

The Curious Bards

The Curious Bards ensemble was formed in 2013 by musicians from the conservatoires of Lyon, Paris and Basel, all with an interest in traditional Celtic and Gaelic music.

Alongside their studies in early music, several members of The Curious Bards also perform traditional Irish music. The ensemble was therefore born of a desire to unite two musical worlds in a new and ambitious project based on a thirst for research and historical musical discoveries.
The Curious Bards is particularly interested in Irish and Scottish composers who worked in both traditional and classical forms, as well as the music from both forms which they have published since the 18th century.

Within the eeemerging project, The Curious Bards was in residence at the National University of Music in Bucharest (Romania) and will be at the Ars Ramovs in Ljubljana (Slovenia) from 23 to 31 October. The ensemble will also take part in the eeemerging Festival during the Ambronay Festival on 9 October 2016.

Alix Boivert
Baroque violin
Sarah Van Oudenhove Viola da gamba
Bruno Harlé Flute
Jean-Christophe Morel Cittern, Mandolin & Baroque guitar
Louis Capeille Harp