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Amsterdam Corelli Collective

Amsterdam Corelli Collective

Founded by the Ryuko Reid in 2013, thirteen string players and a harpsichordist were brought together and formed Amsterdam Corelli Collective.

Amsterdam Corelli Collective was invited to perform at the MA Brugge Fringe Festival in 2014 and at the Utrecht Oude  Muziek Fringe Festival in both 2014 and 2015. They have welcomed Shunske Sato as a guest conductor. The ensemble also pays tribute to Arcangelo Corelli, whose works were published in Amsterdam. In July 2015, they were finalists in the York Early Music International Young Artists Competition.

In 2016, Amsterdam Corelli Collective looks forward to a tour with guest soprano Myriam Arbouz in April, and collaboration in July to perform Mozart’s opera Alba in Ascencio.

Ryuko Reid, Asuka Sumi, Alba Encinas, Isidro Albarreal Delgado, David Rabinovici, Christine Verdon, Hannah Visser & Kim White
Annemarie Kosten-Dür & Isa Juàrez Violas
Irene Kok & Maximiliano Segura Sànchez Cellos
Zaynab Martin Double Bass
Mario Sarrechia Harpsichord