Repicco’s CD – Assassini, Assassinati

The eeemerging ensemble Repicco published its first CD in 2017 on Ambronay’s record label (Ambronay Editions): Assassini, Assassinati — works by Ignazio Albertini, Biaggio Marini, Alessandro Stradella, Bellerofonte Castaldi, Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli.

Repicco's CD - Assassini, Assassinati

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Review of Assassini, Assassinati by Andrew Benson-Wilson:

“The playing and musical interpretations are outstanding, successfully negotiating the extremes of virtuosity and drama alongside some delightful moments of repose amongst all the drama. […] It was recorded in the chapel of a French cultural centre. The acoustic is generous and supportive, with the engineers producing a sound well-balanced between detail and atmosphere.”

Andrew Benson-Wilson, Early Music Reviews, Nov. 23, 2017