Joining the eeemerging+ programme


The eeemerging+ programme is divided in 2 steps:

  • Career development programme

Each year, 10 ensembles participate in the programme. The maximum duration of the support is 3 years.

→ The ensembles benefit from 2 to 3 residencies per year hosted by one of the 9 partners, concerts, participation in the EEE+ festival in Ambronay.
→ According to the ensembles needs, a ‘à la carte’ training programme is proposed. It includes trainings in strategy and ensemble management, audience development, communication, production, health practices, booking, etc.
→ Promotional materials are offered to the ensembles: audio and video recordings, photo sessions, digital promotion…

At the end of each year, the career development manager and the 9 partners evaluate the work done by the ensembles and decide to renew the contract or not.

  • Career support programme

After 1, 2 or 3 years in the career development programme, the ensembles enter the career support programme for a duration of 3 years. It allows to consolidate the career of the ensembles.

→ Together with the partners, the ensembles can select a Mentor (among the partner staff) that will follow the ensembles’ career and give artistic and development advices.
→ The ensembles have the opportunity to submit a proposal to the partners for the production of a CD (2 CD will be published each year by Ambronay Editions).
→ The ensembles have access to a virtual artistic agency – a section on the eeemerging website- where they can promote themselves and present their projects, videos, audio and concert dates.