What is eeemerging?

Emerging European Ensembles

In 2014, a group of Early music European operators together made the observation that being a highly talented ensemble is not enough to enter the European market and that such ensembles need support and access to professional tools and methods in that purpose.

A first step was taken in this direction with the development of eeemerging, a large-scale European cooperation project funded through Creative Europe over a four-year period running from October 2014 to September 2018. Throughout its duration and upon completion, eeemerging received positive external and internal evaluations. This led to a series of reflections and established new directions for improvement, resulting in a new program called EEEMERGING+.

EEEMERGING+ will be funded by Creative Europe from September 2019 to February 2023.


  • Strengthening the action aimed at the career development of young ensembles.

→ Implementation of a new Career Development Programme proposing a less competitive and more collaborative approach
→ Addition of a Career Support Programme, for a smoother transition from the protected status given by the eeemerging support to the status of entrepreneur on the market.

  • Foreseeing the implementation of a series of collaborative activities involving Ensembles and Partners and aimed at innovation.

→ Innovation Labs carried out by Partners and Ensembles allow to experiment new audience development initiatives, new forms of performance and new technologies.


AbChordis, Young Ensembles Residencies

A large-scale European cooperation project promoting the emergence of new talent in early music.

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