9 partners

9 partners are running eeemerging+:

Ambronay Cultural Encounter Centre

Ambronay Cultural Encounter Centre — Ambronay, France / Leader

Ambronay is hosted in a historic monument including accommodation, work spaces and gardens. It organizes a major festival for Early and world music and is experienced in European projects and lifestyle training. Moreover, Ambronay is linked with a large network of musical venues.

Within EEE+:

  • organizes 6 residencies in Ambronay + 1 residency in Romania
  • 1 EEE+ Festival per year
  • organizes the EEE+ Academy in 2020 and 2022


Göttingen International Handel Festival


Göttingen International Handel Festival – Göttingen, Germany

It is Europe’s oldest Early music festival, hosting a seasonal orchestra: FestspielOrchester Göttingen. It organises the Göttingen Händel competition for young ensembles.

Within EEE+:

  • offers workshops conveying the importance of strategic planning and ensemble organisation
  • analyses the organisational structure of the ensemble and discuss its optimization
  • offers innovative cultural mediation training for children, people with learning disabilities, refugees and dementia patients
  • as well as interdisciplinary encounters (Clash of cultures) between music, theatre and the visual arts or with sound/video engineers
  • organizes 2 residencies and 2 concerts per year
  • organizes 1 international competition per year


Festival Torroella de Montgri – Spain

Torroella de Montgri is a large music festival, including a jazz festival and a Fringe festival open to youth and contemporary music located about a hundred kilometres from Barcelona, in a truly musical city. It has a strong interest in topics such as mental health, intellectual disability, homeless people and unusual places such as hospitals, prisons and medical centres.

Within EEE+:

  • organizes 2 residencies and 2 concerts per year



Centro di Musica Antica — Pavia, Italy

Centro di musica antica is a musical structure organizing a concert season located in the very heart of a university campus in the city centre of Pavia (Fondazione Ghislieri) whose historic building has a vast library of Early music and a hotel structure. It is hosting a stable resident baroque music ensemble, the Coro e Orchestra Ghislieri.

Within EEE+:

  • supervises and manages the Tech Labs
  • organizes 4 residencies and 5 concerts per year + 1 residency decentralised in Slovenia
  • hosts the training session of the EEE+ Academy every two year


Riga Early Music CentreRiga, Latvia

A major Early music centre for the Baltic States organizing 2 Early music festivals, also a teaching centre for baroque dance in period costumes. It carries out educational projects in music universities and collaborates with elementary music schools in rural Latvia. It hosts stable resident ensembles, the Collegium Musicum Riga and the Collegium Choro Musici Riga.

Within EEE+:

  • wishes to develop its audience in the Russian-speaking areas of the Baltic States
  • organizes 2 residencies and 2 concerts per year


Festival Kvarner – Opatija, Croatia

Festival Kvarner is an international festival located in a renowned tourist site on the Adriatic coast, offering a stage for new formats and disruptive projects led by highly talented, innovative and brave musicians. It is interested in innovation in the field of music, new technologies and the relationship with audiences.

Within EEE+:

  • acts in the frame of the neighbour city, the culture capital of Europe, Rijeka 2020
  • organizes 1 residency and 1 concert per year


National Centre for Early Music in York

National Centre for Early Music (NCEM) — York, England

NCEM York is a unique Early music centre in the United Kingdom housed in a historic monument, hosting 3 Early Music festivals and a year-round programme of concerts and educational activities with significant expertise in the use of new technologies, especially for the live streaming of musical encounters for rural schools. It collaborates with colleagues looking at the benefits of music making to support mental health and respiratory health through a Singing Programme for socially isolated adults involving general practitioners.

Within EEE+:

  • organizes 1 international competition of young ensembles
  • organizes 1 showcase in even years
  • and 2 residencies and 2 concerts per year


National Forum of Music Wroclaw – Poland

National Forum of Music Wroclaw is one of the most important musical structures in Poland, annually hosting 9 festivals in a new building offering numerous rehearsal and concert halls. It hosts a newly created Early music department and 2 stable resident groups: The Wroclaw Baroque Orchestra and the Wroclaw Baroque Ensemble. It gives special importance to amateur practice and educational projects for babies, children and young people.

Within EEE+:

  • organizes 1 residency per year
  • organizes 1 concert per year


Athens Conservatoire – Greece

It is the oldest educational institution for the performing arts in modern Greece, founded as a non-profit organization in 1871. It is at the confluence of Greek and Latin civilizations with an openness to the Middle East. Athens Conservatory includes a drama school, a dance school and a Jazz music school.

Within EEE+:

  • works closely with el Sistema Greece, which promotes the social inclusion of refugee children in Greek and European society through music education and promotes dialogue between communities
  • organizes 1 residency per year
  • organizes 1 concert per year