What is eeemerging?

Emerging European Ensembles

The process set in place by the ‘eeemerging’ (Emerging European Ensembles) project aims to increase equality in the options open to young ensembles, give them excellent working conditions along with support and organisation for their projects, and help them to confront the realities of the early music market in Europe.  eeemerging will therefore encourage the international circulation and promotion of these European artists, and also raise awareness of one of the most beautiful chapters of our European musical heritage. The project is run by eight co-organisers, supported by 37 international partners and six European professional networks. The Ambronay European Baroque Academy (EU Cultural Ambassador from 2011 to 2013) has served as the framework for the group’s work.

AbChordis, Young Ensembles Residencies

A large-scale European cooperation project promoting the emergence of new talent in early music

The project allows to:

  • find, select and train the best emerging ensembles,
  • prepare them to enter the European marketplace through the creation of a network of places for training, residencies and european promotion,
  • allow the ensembles to perform for varied audiences in order to get them accustomed to the concert environment, outreach work and the development of programme proposals in accordance with the expectations of promoters,
  • promote the ensembles, giving them access to high-quality marketing tools;
  • raise awareness of all participants through a website and a shared digital audiovisual platform, and increase the audience for early music.


This experimental project will be evaluated throughout. It is not only groundbreaking in its field but also replicable in the wider genre of live performance.