A year within the eeemerging programme

15 ensembles are selected each year to participate in the auditions which take place in September in serveral cities in Europe. The selected ensembles have to play two extracts from their repertoire and answer the questions of the jury composed of 8 partners coming from the United Kingdom, Latvia, Germany, Slovenia, Romania, Italy and France. Only 6 ensembles are selected to enter the eeemerging project, joining 6 other ensembles from the previous years.

These 6 ensembles benefit from 2 residencies hosted by the partners, 2 concerts, promotion on the eeemerging website, trainings in outreach, organisation, marketing, nutrition, artistic coaching and photo shootings. The ensembles have the opportunity to work together on their main artistic project and perform concerts. The end of their first support year is closed by the eeemerging Festival, which is held during Ambronay Festival in October.

The 4 best ensembles are selected by the partners to continue the following year. During this second year, they benefit from 2 residencies hosted by the partners network, 2 concerts and the preparation of an Electronic Press Kit (EPK). At the end of the second year, only two of them are selected to follow a third year.

The 2 ensembles who have the opportunity to continue the third year of support benefit from 3 residencies, one of which is dedicated to the recording of a CD on Ambronay Éditions label, as well as 3 concerts and personalized coaching (training), mainly on sound and image.

The human and artistic adventure offered by the eeemerging project finishes at the end of the third year. At the end of this period, the partners consider that the ensembles have taken full advantage of the 3-year support and are ready to develop their repertoire, work in a team, that they have been recognized in the world of early music and have gained skills of adaptability and autonomy. They are finally ready to join at their pace the professional world of early music.